SIRUM can currently facilitate the donation of any medication that is unopened/sealed, non-refrigerated, and 5+ months away from expiration.

Donated medicine must have a tamper-evident seal around the medication. For example, Menopur donations must still have plastic seals intact on each vial.

We can accept donations of supplies related to fertility medicine, including syringes, needles, alcohol pads, rubbing alcohol, gauze pads, and sharps containers. These items must be sealed/unopened and 5+ months away from expiration.

We are available by live chat between 9:30 am - 9 pm Eastern time, 7 days a week. If you prefer to speak with us over the phone, you can also reach us at (650) 285-3455.

Yes. Donating fertility medicine through SIRUM is legal. SIRUM works under each state’s Good Samaritan Laws for Drug Donation. We are the nation's leading expert on drug donation laws and regulations. Donations through SIRUM go to a licensed pharmacy or healthcare provider, who can legally give the donated medicine to patient(s) with a valid prescription. This donation process provides liability protection for medicine donors.

Yes, donating unopened, unexpired fertility medicine is free! SIRUM covers the cost of shipping your donation through this special initiative.

Expired medication is not eligible for donation. We ask individuals to ensure their medication is 5+ months away from expiration. For organizations donating, most donations need to be 6+ months from expiration.

SIRUM takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously.  We encourage individuals to remove personal patient information before donating medicine. You can remove patient information by peeling off the label or crossing it out with a permanent marker, but ensure that the drug name, expiration date, prescription date, quantity, and other drug-related information remain visible on the container.

Your donation goes to trusted community partners, such as licensed pharmacies and healthcare providers who can give donated medicine to patients who have a valid prescription.

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