Donating medicine can be as easy as recycling.

When your patients change prescriptions or move on, disposal isn’t the only option. SIRUM has 10+ years of experience working with nursing homes, assisted living, and other healthcare facilities to donate unused medicine – maximizing community benefit as well as your staff’s time and effort. Donating is truly as simple as recycling.

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Why Donate?

Help more patients.

Expand your facility’s impact by helping others access the medicine they need but can’t afford. Even blister cards with some pills popped out can help another patient!

Save time and money.

Following drug disposal protocols can take hours of valuable staff time each week, not to mention money for actual destruction. SIRUM provides a simpler and free donation option.

Help the environment.

70% of waterways are contaminated with pharmaceutical runoff. Donating medicine turns that pollution into positive social benefit.

Bonus: boost morale.

Passing life-saving medicine onto other patients who need it is an extra “win” for your hard-working team, and staff love reading about how their donations help save lives!

How to Donate


Check your eligibility.
Look up your state and license info to find out if your organization is eligible. If not, join the waitlist.
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Sign up for SIRUM.
Click the button below to register. Once your organization is approved, you can pick which program is best suited for you.


We send you everything you need for free.
We’ll train your staff and send you everything you need to get started, from boxes to tape to shipping labels.


Collect your unused medications.
Instead of earmarking surplus for destruction, collect unopened, unexpired medicine in SIRUM’s box like a recycling bin. When it’s full, package it up, add the shipping label, and let us know it’s ready!


SIRUM handles the rest.
We’ll take care of scheduling a courier service and getting your donation to where it’s needed most. We keep detailed records to keep everyone confidently compliant.


Everyone benefits.
We’ll send you a note detailing how much the medication was worth and how many people it helped.

Pick Your Program

High Demand Medicine Only
  • All shipping and materials are free.
  • Organizations must sort and separate drugs that can be donated.
All Patient-Worthy Medicine
  • All shipping and materials are free.
  • Donate all non-controlled, unopened, unexpired medicine. No sorting required!


  • SIRUM enables senior living communities to reduce pharmaceutical waste, save money, and help ensure that everyone gets the medicine they need to stay healthy.
    Sally Michael, President, California Assisted Living Association
  • We were the first facility to donate in Minnesota. We aren't able to return medicine to the pharmacy, which generates a huge amount of waste. Instead what we’re doing with SIRUM is a small part of helping others who can’t afford the medicine they need. I’ve been there when I haven’t been able to afford meds, so knowing that there are programs like this is wonderful.
    Laura, Director of Nursing, Lake Minnetonka Care Center, Minnesota
  • Medications are expensive. Throwing them away was complete wastefulness. When you look at these boxes of excess pills, you say to yourself, 'There’s gotta be a better way' and that better way is SIRUM.
    Rosemary Kilby, Administrator at Landmark Medical Center, California


Getting Started

Donating unopened, unexpired, non-controlled, and high-demand medicine is free for organizations; SIRUM covers the cost of shipping. If you would like to donate all your unexpired, unopened, non-controlled medication without sorting (like single-stream recycling), you can pay a small fee to help cover costs.

Returning and donating are not exclusive, just donate the medicine you are not getting credit for. When looking at their credit statement, many organizations find that most of their medication is not creditable and can save more money with potential tax deductions than they currently get in credit.

Medication not labeled for use in the U.S. is not eligible for donation.

How It Works

You can donate medication that is unexpired, sealed/unopened, non-controlled, and non-refrigerated. Prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, and supplements are all eligible for donation.

We encourage organizations to donate medicine that is on our high demand list, which varies by recipient. Pre-sorted donations from organizations are completely free to donate; otherwise, you can donate all your surplus medication and pay a small fee to help cover costs.

Expired medication is not eligible for donation. We ask individuals to ensure their medication is 5+ months away from expiration. For organizations donating, most donations need to be 6+ months from expiration.

Donated medicine must have a tamper-evident seal around the medication. Bubble packs, blister packs, and bingo cards – even if they only have a few pills left – are okay. Outer packaging can be opened if there is an inner seal, such as a foil around inhalation solutions, even though the box was opened.

You can donate inhalers, as long as they are unopened or have an inner seal. Foil-wrapped inhalers are acceptable, even if the outer box is opened.

Yes, you can donate self-injectable medications such as epi-pens or other pre-filled syringes if they are unexpired, sealed/unopened, non-controlled, and non-refrigerated.

No, IV medications are not eligible for donation.

Yes, you can donate liquid medication if it is unexpired, sealed/unopened, non-controlled, and non-refrigerated.

No, medical supplies are not eligible for donation.

You can donate as often as you’d like, and according to your facility’s needs! Some groups make a shipment every week and others every 1-2 months.


Yes. Donating medicine is legal. SIRUM works under each state’s Good Samaritan Laws for Drug Donation. We are the nation’s leading expert on drug donation laws and regulations.

SIRUM works closely with each state to determine and create the appropriate donation records. In most cases your record keeping process will remain the same as your return or destruction record with SIRUM automatically transforming those records into those necessary for donation. All records are available through your online account.

SIRUM takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously. SIRUM becomes your Business Associate when you register with us. Our Business Associate Addendum (BAA) requires us to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any patient information as part of the donation process. We take this obligation very seriously and have strict protocols in place.

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