Your surplus could save millions of lives.

SIRUM proudly works with manufacturers and wholesalers on one-time or recurring donations. Maybe you have safety stock or lightly damaged packaging that can’t be sold traditionally. As long as it’s sealed and unexpired, your medication could benefit millions of patients in need.

Why Donate?

It’s good corporate citizenship.

Expand your corporate social responsibility efforts and maximize the good you do for your community.

Protect the environment.

Medication destruction pollutes waterways with pharmaceutical runoff and releases toxic dioxins into the air. SIRUM’s program has been commended by the EPA and USAID.

Get tax benefits.

Medicine donations may be eligible for an enhanced tax deduction, which could be a significant value to your business.

Have complete confidence.

We have helped with policies in over a dozen states that enable donations and provide liability protection, so you can donate with complete confidence.

How to Donate


Contact SIRUM.
Sign up below to register your interest. We’ll reach out to figure out the best way to integrate donations into your workflows.


Package up your medication.
Prepare your donation for shipment in boxes or pallets. Let us know when it’s all set.


SIRUM handles the rest.
We’ll take care of the logistics to make sure your donation makes it to where it’s needed most. We keep detailed records to keep everyone confidently compliant.


Everyone benefits.
We’ll send you and your team an impact letter detailing how much the medication was worth and how many people it helped.
Get Started
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