Georgia State Drug Repository Program 

Powered by SIRUM

Welcome to the Georgia State Drug Repository Program, powered by SIRUM! This program helps organizations in Georgia provide their patients with easy access to affordable medicine. Everyone deserves access to the medicine they need to stay healthy and thrive. 

Participants can utilize this repository program to request medications in bulk as a resource for their patients. In order to serve the entire state community, please strive to only order as much as you can use. 

Only registered participants in Georgia may order medicine through the portal. To get started, sign up below.

Request Medicine

Where does the medicine come from?

Medicine redistributed through repository programs originates from donors such as hospitals, pharmacies, and nursing homes who have surplus unused medication. Learn more about prescription repository programs.

As the nation's largest redistributor of surplus medicine, SIRUM provides the technology to power this repository platform. SIRUM does not directly provide the medications listed in and supplied through this program.

Interested in access?

Want to get started or have more questions? Let us know you're interested and someone will be in touch ASAP.
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