Get connected with surplus medication.

SIRUM redistributes medicine to safety-net clinics and pharmacies in communities across the country. From generic OTCs to prescription medicine targeting chronic conditions, SIRUM can help provide medicine for your underserved patients.

Who We Partner With

SIRUM partners are community-based organizations who meet the following criteria in eligible states.

Serve the medically underserved.

Our target audience are uninsured and underinsured Americans whose healthcare costs are too high.

Provide on-site medical care and/or pharmacy services. 

SIRUM provides the donated medicine; our partners are responsible for dispensing directly to patients. We require partners to be licensed for medical care or pharmacy services.

Community Partner Spotlight

  • Good Pill launched in Georgia in 2017 as the state’s first pharmacy stocked with donated medicine. Delivering life-saving medicine to patients’ doors for a low administrative fee of $6 per 90-day supply, Good Pill Home Delivery is on a mission to make prescription pricing transparent and accessible to all uninsured and underinsured patients.  
    Since 2017, Good Pill has filled 900,000+ prescriptions worth more than $75 million.
    Visit Good Pill website
  • St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy is the only free pharmacy in Greater Cincinnati and southwestern Ohio, expecting to open its third site in 2023. Paired with an on-site nurse practitioner who can monitor health conditions and prescribe medicine, the pharmacy offers free medicine to uninsured and underinsured neighbors in need.
    Since 2006, St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy has filled 700,000 prescriptions worth $100 million.
    Visit St. Vincent de Paul website
  • The Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP), run by the state’s Department of Health, offers short-term prescription assistance for Wyoming residents who lack adequate insurance coverage. Powered by donated medicine, they offer prescriptions to a state-wide network of local dispensing sites and a mail-order program.
    Since 2007, WMDP has filled over 150,000 prescriptions worth more than $25 million -- all at no cost to eligible patients.
    Visit WMDP website

How It Works


Contact SIRUM.
Check your eligibility based on state laws and indicate your interest. SIRUM works individually with organizations to explore potential partnership, from one-time donations to an ongoing supply.
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Get prepared.
Storing or dispensing donated medicine may require new infrastructure or processes, depending on your state.


SIRUM gets medicine to your door.
We’ll take care of the logistics of getting medicine from donors to your door. We keep detailed records to keep everyone confidently compliant.


Everyone benefits.
You support your patients, and they get access to life-saving medicine.
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Special Initiatives

Learn more about our current special initiatives.
Emergency Contraceptive Access


Getting Started

SIRUM can only facilitate prescription medicine donation to facilities that are licensed for and currently provide medical care or pharmacy services, and located in eligible states. If you do not meet this criteria, SIRUM may be able to provide over-the-counter (OTC) medication donations.

SIRUM can provide access to a variety of medicine, including prescription drugs that cover 75% of the most commonly prescribed medications, especially those for chronic conditions, as well as OTCs. We receive donated medicine through a nationwide network of medicine donors, so what you can receive may depend on current supply and location. SIRUM does not currently provide access to refrigerated or controlled medication.

At this time, SIRUM operates under state-level drug donation laws and we typically do not facilitate donations of prescription medications outside the United States. You may qualify to receive OTCs.

We typically ask community partners to pay a small fee to help cover costs. We aim for all community partnerships to be mutually financially sustainable.

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