Get connected with surplus medication.

SIRUM redistributes medicine to safety-net clinics and charitable pharmacies in communities across the country. From generic OTCs to medicine targeting chronic conditions, SIRUM can help provide medicine for your underserved patients.

Who We Partner With

SIRUM partners are community-based organizations who meet the following criteria in eligible states.

Serve the medically underserved.

Our target audience are uninsured and underinsured Americans whose healthcare costs are too high.

Provide on-site medical care and/or pharmacy.

SIRUM provides the donated medicine; our partners are responsible for dispensing directly to patients. We require partners to be licensed for medical care or pharmacy services.

Community Partner Spotlight

  • Good Pill launched in Georgia in 2017 as the state’s first pharmacy stocked with donated medicine. Delivering life-saving medicine to patients’ doors for a low administrative fee of $6 per 90-day supply, Good Pill is on a mission to make prescription pricing transparent and accessible.
    Good Pill has filled 600,000+ prescriptions worth more than $50 million.

How It Works


Contact SIRUM.
Check your eligibility based on state laws and indicate your interest. SIRUM works individually with organizations to explore potential partnership, from one-time donations to an ongoing supply.
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Get prepared.
Storing or dispensing donated medicine may require new infrastructure or processes, depending on your state.


SIRUM gets medicine to your door.
We’ll take care of the logistics of getting medicine from donors to your door. We keep detailed records to keep everyone confidently compliant.


Everyone benefits.
You support your patients, and they get access to life-saving medicine.
Get Started


Getting Started

SIRUM can help most organizations or individuals donate medicine, as long as you are eligible per state policy. To understand your eligibility or join a waitlist, visit

Contact us, we can probably still help!

Yes, individuals in most states can donate medicine via SIRUM. We do not currently accept donations from individuals in California, Oregon, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Donating unopened, unexpired, non-controlled, and high-demand medicine is free for organizations; SIRUM covers the cost of shipping. If you would like to donate all your unexpired, unopened, non-controlled medication without sorting (like single-stream recycling), you can pay a small fee to help cover costs.

There is a small charge to cover costs like shipping, based on the weight of your donation.

Returning and donating are not exclusive, just donate the medicine you are not getting credit for. When looking at their credit statement, many organizations find that most of their medication is not creditable and can save more money with potential tax deductions than they currently get in credit.

We’re sorry to hear this! You can try using this form instead. If it still doesn’t work, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Medication not labeled for use in the U.S. is not eligible for donation.

How It Works

We do not accept expired, opened, or controlled medications. We can sometimes accept refrigerated medications such as insulin.

You can donate medication that is unexpired, sealed/unopened, non-controlled, and non-refrigerated. Prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, and supplements are all eligible for donation.

We encourage organizations to donate medicine that is on our high demand list, which varies by recipient. Pre-sorted donations from organizations are completely free to donate; otherwise, you can donate all your surplus medication and pay a small fee to help cover costs.

Expired medication is not eligible for donation. We ask individuals to ensure their medication is 5+ months away from expiration. For organizations donating, most donations need to be 6+ months from expiration.

Donated medicine must have a tamper-evident seal around the medication. Bubble packs, blister packs, and bingo cards – even if they only have a few pills left – are okay. Outer packaging can be opened if there is an inner seal, such as a foil around inhalation solutions, even though the box was opened.

Your retail prescription must have a tamper-evident seal around the medication. Standard orange or amber prescription vials, which many retail pharmacies use, are not eligible for donation without a paper or plastic seal. Medications that are in blister packs, where each pill is sealed individually like cold medicine, are eligible for donation.

You can donate inhalers, as long as they are unopened or have an inner seal. Foil-wrapped inhalers are acceptable, even if the outer box is opened.

Yes, you can donate self-injectable medications such as epi-pens or other pre-filled syringes if they are unexpired, sealed/unopened, non-controlled, and non-refrigerated.

No, IV medications are not eligible for donation.

Yes, you can donate liquid medication if it is unexpired, sealed/unopened, non-controlled, and non-refrigerated.

No, medical supplies are not eligible for donation.

When the SIRUM box or mailer is full, just put on the prepaid shipping label that we sent you after registration and let us know that the donation is ready. We will schedule a courier pick-up for the next day. Medicine is sent directly to the recipients; donors and recipients can track the progress of the shipment online and with email notifications. We can also provide any shipping supplies you may need including boxes (for large donations), padded mailers (for small donations), and packing tape.

You can donate as often as you’d like, and according to your facility’s needs! Some groups make a shipment every week and others every 1-2 months.


Yes. Donating medicine is legal. SIRUM works under each state’s Good Samaritan Laws for Drug Donation. We are among the world’s leading experts on drug donation laws and regulations.

SIRUM works closely with each state to determine and create the appropriate donation records. In most cases your record keeping process will remain the same as your return or destruction record with SIRUM automatically transforming those records into those necessary for donation. All records are available through your online account.

SIRUM takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously. SIRUM becomes your Business Associate when you register with us. Our Business Associate Addendum (BAA) requires us to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any patient information as part of the donation process. We take this obligation very seriously and have strict protocols in place.

SIRUM takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously.  We encourage individuals to remove personal patient information before donating medicine. You can remove patient information by peeling off the label or crossing it out with a permanent marker, but ensure that the drug name, expiration date, prescription date, quantity, and other drug-related information remain visible on the container.

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